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Fabien Jouves/ Mas del Perie, Cahors

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

© Guillaume Mirand

The Winery Mas del Perie was founded in 2006 by Fabien Jouves and is located in southwest France, in the Cahors region. The landscape is characterized by the river Lot, which meanders strongly here, viticulture can be found on the gravel terraces, but also on the high plateau (up to 400 m above sea level). It is very hot in summer and humid in winter, often with a risk of frost, especially at higher altitudes. In contrast to Bordelais, the influence of the Mediterranean can be felt here.

The main variety is Malbec, called Cot here. But Fabien also grows many old autochthonous grape varieties, e.g. Gros and Petit Manseng, Jurancon Noir, Gibert, Noual. Vineyards are located in the highlands of Cahors, characterized by limestone and marl.

©Guillaume Mirand

The winery works according to bio-dynamic principles and has been Demeter certified since 2011. Vinification takes place without oenological additives, minimal intervention, often whole grape maceration, aging in concrete, large old wooden barrels to amphorae. No or very light filtration and low SO2 dosage.

© Guillaume Mirand

Fabien calls his first wine line "Thirst quencher", very drinkable, often light wines, very easy to drink, simply glou glou. This is how, for example, a Malbec La Roque 2021 with 11.5% vol. Or the Cuvee Grape Invadors 2021 (Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Tannat), slightly chilled, just great. The NDD 2021 (The "Divine Nectar", Cuvee from Malbec, Muscat de Hamburg, Cincault, Grenache Noir) comes in a 1 liter bottle, which is a clear statement. The perfect amount. And then there are the vineyard wines. It's getting a little more serious 😊 e.g. B763 Malbec in its dark, spicy form, from altitudes up to 350 m above sea level, aging for 18 months in egg-shaped oak barrels. When it comes to white wine, we like the Haut Berba 2021 the most, a cuvee from Gros and Petit Manseng (both super rare grape varieties, you hardly find a pure variety), from approx. 40-year-old vines, fermented in a steel tank and aged for 12 months in wooden barrels. It simply has character and incredibly beautiful fruit that always plays on the fresh side. Sticks well and needs air, please aerate and serve alone, or quietly with well-seasoned or creamy food. There are also fine bubbles: Rosé Pet-Nat based on Malbec. Also for fans of white wine with grip: 3 months Skin Contact Cuvee from Gros Manseng, Ugni Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandrie. Absolute insider tips. And all this in an absolutely moderate price range.

The whole range here in Pub Klemo exclusively in Austria!

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davenport kim
davenport kim
Dec 12, 2023

Thank you for sharing information about the history of formation and development of Mas del Perie Winery. eggy car

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