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Fratelli Da Lozzo/Cimavilla, Treviso

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

2 brothers, one passion. The love for wine and vineyards has been passed down through the generations in the Da Lozzo family. As children, the siblings Andrea and Gianni Da Lozzo, spent every summer with their grandparents and first played between the rows of vineyards and later gained their first experience with the grape harvest and other work.

They were shaped by rural life, the rhythm of nature, the wisdom of thier grandparents and countless beautiful moments on the farm. So the decision to become winemakers was easy and self-evident, working with and for nature.

Today, the brothers cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards in the Treviso region, and in 2015 they switched completely to organic farming.

"The dedication, the passion is the most important thing. Everything else comes by itself."

Andrea and Gianni see the daily work in contact with nature as a great privilege and believe that if you combine dedication with tradition and openness to new technologies, work can be really enjoyable.

The wines reflect the philosophy and the land, respecting soil, water and animals, this is the daily challenge and goal.

The connection with the family and the territory can also be seen in the names of the wines. Each wine has a special name, mostly dialect or nickname. For example NonoNeno, is the nickname of grandfather Nazzareno, with whom the siblings spent most of the summer holidays,

and describes the Prosecco Brut, which we find very charming, 15000 bottles are produced annually.

The range focuses on 5 different wines.

3 Prosecchi, in the Extra Dry category Le Mabie, Brut NonoNeno and Rosé Brut Sulla Rú.

All are aged in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The second fermentation takes place according to the Charmat method, i.e. in autoclaves/ pressure tanks for 30-60 days, this creates a fine, persistent perlage.

The whites are made from 100% Glera, the rosé also uses the Pinot Nero/Pinot Noir grape variety, which gives the wine elegance and berry aromas.

Pinot Grigio Rési matures on the fine lees, is slightly aromatic with a scent of ripe pears and surprises with its balanced acidity and mineral aftertaste, perfect with risotto or fish.

Merlot Io Tomio is the last member of the family and is a fresh, fruity representative of the red wine category.

It's fun chilled, tastes juicy and dry, the perfect companion for a barbecue party on a hot summers day.

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