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Renzo Seghesio/ Monforte d’ Alba/ Provinz Cuneo, Piemont

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Just like his father Francesco, Renzo Seghesio has dedicated himself to the beautiful Piedmont and the Barbera and Nebbiolo grape varieties. After completing his viticulture studies in Alba, he took over the winery from his father in the 1960s. His goal was his own wine production, not just the sale of grapes. He finally achieved this in 1968 when he made his first wine in his family's garage, an "OG", Original Garagista.

For 25 years, Renzo Seghesio was not only mayor of Monforte d'Alba, but also cartographer and farmer, he is also a passionate man and patriot. His work is characterized by close relationships with winegrowing families, artists and musicians. He mapped all of Monforte's sites, defined their boundaries and detailed the soils and conditions prevailing there. In addition to this, he also participated in the establishment of an open-air amphitheater (Mieczyslaw Horszowski Amphitheater, named after a deceased Polish-American pianist).

Since the 1900's the Seghesio family has owned Cascina Pajana, a small part of the Ginestra vineyard made famous by great Barolos of structure and complexity. With its fantastic slopes of calcareous clay and yellowish sandstone, Ginestra is a paradise for optimally ripe Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes with a predominantly southern and south-eastern orientation. The wild terroir combined with Renzo's virtuoso skill produces a wine that is unmistakeable. The Santa Maria Vineyards are located in La Morra, from here come Barolos with freshness, balance, fruit and harmony, these gardens were replanted in 2016. Among the hills of Sanche hides the San Bernadino site, whose shape is reminiscent of an amphitheater. Nebbiolo with fast silky tannins and Arneis, which is characterized by minerality, spice, citrus and tropical fruit notes, grows here.

Today, 10 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in a way that is close to nature. Frederico and Raffaele, Renzo's two sons, work in the business and thus carry on the tradition of the winemaking family.

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He wanted to make his own wine, not just sell grapes. In 1968, he finally made it happen when he made his first wine, a "OG" or Original Garagista, in the garage of his family. geometry dash


Renzo Seghesio has created the most successful career in wine production and winery management from his father. I appreciate his talent. eggy car

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