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Thomas Schwarz- Reduction in all directions

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Thomas Schwarz Weingut Kloster am Spitz/ Purbach am Neusiedlersee

Thomas comes from a family of winegrowers and restaurateurs that is deeply rooted in Purbach am Neusiedlersee. In 2005 he took over the winery from his father, Reinhold Schwarz. Since day one he has been implementing his own philosophy.

He works according to biological principles, i.e. no artificial fertilizers, no synthetic herbicides or insecticides. In the cellar as little intervention as possible, no artificial yeasts or fining agents. His motto and goal are: healthy vineyards with a strong immune system that hardly need human intervention. His wines ferment spontaneously in large barrels that change the taste as little as possible. Reduction in all directions. With his Rose Sekt ZZ he avoids both dosage and sulphur. The vineyards are located directly on the Leithagebirge, in the communities of Purbach and Donnerskirchen on pure shell limestone soil. The vines are on average 25 years old, the oldest Blaufränkisch vines are up to 60 years old and from which the top Blaufränkisch Alte Reben and Rohrwolf are pressed.

You can hardly see the winery itself because it is hidden behind the mountain, buried in the colourful and dense Leithaberg wilderness. The age old cellar, which Thomas' great-grandfather dug, is up to 3 floors below ground.

Thomas is of the opinion that everyone should make their own mind up about his wines. Since 2016 he has stopped using the designation of "quality wine" ( Qualitätswein) and sells his wines as "country wine" (Landwein), including those from the top locations.

Despite their seriousness, his wines promise great drinking fun and wonderfully reflect the grape variety, place and time in which they were grown.

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