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Weingut Seckinger-Three Brothers

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Lukas, Jonas and Philipp Seckinger, these three brothers stand for young, dynamic viticulture in the Pfalz, the new German wave, so to speak.

About 4 km east of Deidesheim is Niederkirchen, directly on the southern wine route with the world-famous Pfalz vineyards. The vineyards of the Seckinger family are soft, rolling hills, often on the edge of the forest. It is the youngest winery in Niederkirchen! Since 2012, 14 hectares of vineyards have been cultivated biodynamically, this way is seen here as the only right way into the future.

The soils are a colorful mixture of red ferrous federal sandstone, limestone marl, loess, depending on the location, more or less river and marine deposits.

The winegrower's work is perceived here as a great joint effort, where it is not just about the care of the vines alone, but about an entire ecosystem. Vineyard not as a monoculture! Old forgotten locations, e.g. the Deidesheimer Petershöhle, were newly cultivated. A hard-to-navigate terrain at the edge of the forest terraced for more biodiversity - this is how the unique microclimate is created, which strongly characterizes the Seckinger wines.

In the basement, attempts are made to work with minimal intervention and to do without all "tricks". Fermentation is 100% spontaneous, while aging demonstrates a good knack for skilful reduction, which always gives a lot of excitement. The vineyard wines therefore need some time and air. Due to the very clean working method, filtration and sulphurisation can sometimes be completely dispensed with.

In Seckinger wines, from the base to the single vineyard wine, there is always citric acidity and flint aromas, pure and easy to drink, and always authentic!

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