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Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret

We are in Chablis, the hybrid between Burgundy and Champagne. Best locations of clay and limestone, here and there the Chalk of Champagne dominates


The cellar of the small top winery Eleni and Edouard Vocoret is located at the southern end of the small but fine wine region, not far from Chichée.

Edouard is a Chablisian by birth as a descendant of the Domaine Vocoret.

After studying and working in the family business, he went abroad, to New Zealand to be precise, where he met Eleni in 2010, who accompanied him back to Chablis.

Eleni is German-Greek with an Austrian wine marketing degree. She was able to gain professional experience and inspiration from Alwin Jurtschitsch in the Kamptal and from legendary Chablis winemakers such as Vincent Dauvissat.

The Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret began in 2013: since then, the two have been managing 5 hectares of their parents' vineyards according to their own ideas.

That means: natural management and vinification, and that with the best locations and old vines, such as in the lime-heavy 1er Cru Les Butteaux, of which the domaine only call a third of a hectare their own.

In the vineyard, Eleni and Edouard work exclusively by hand, they both know and understand their vineyards down to the last detail, a clear bonus given the limited cultivation area.

The biodiversity of the vineyards is also promoted by planting fruit trees.

Biodynamic principles (without certification) also find their way into the wine cellar: spontaneous fermentation with malolactic fermentation (BSA) takes place in steel tanks "No make-up" Edouard calls it.

The resulting, puristic wines only see old, more neutral wooden barrels or stainless steel in order to reflect the character of the old vines in their tension and minerality 1:1.

The wines are bottled unfiltered and slightly sulphurised.

Our domaine wines are La Bas de Chapelot, En Boucheran and Les Butteaux:

Le Bas de Chapelot

A stone's throw from the eponymous small town of Chablis in the heart of the region is the main site of the domain with 3.2 hectares:

La Bas de Chapelot lies at the foot of the Montée de Tonnerre prime location, on the right bank of the Serein river, which bisects Chablis.

Deep, loamy shell limestone defines this cool location near the river, from which the 40-year-old vines Elenis and Edouards produce very spicy and mineral wines with a mature acid structure.

Big glass, some time. A first-class food accompaniment with clear storage potential!

En Boucheran

The Boucheran, characterized by white clay, grows on 0.9 hectares between the two Premier Crus Vaillons and Montmains. 35-year-old vines, an open, almost aromatic Chablis, with a wonderfully drinkable yeast-salt play.

Les Butteaux 1er

The best for last:

With Les Butteaux, Eleni and Edouard manage a tiny (0.3 ha) 1er Cru site, which is bursting with calcareous minerals. 60 year old vines, massive selection.

Fine herbal, floral notes, salted lemons and this yeasty creaminess dance around, only slightly pointed in the right direction by the aging in used wooden barrels. A great terroir wine. Intense and long-lasting. Give it time and air, you can also play with the temperature.

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